Donate your clothes


Donate your second-hand clothes, do good and be rewarded.  

Contact us if you are keen to donate** your trendy, gently worn clothing to support our causes. You will receive heart points* which is convertible to store credits for every piece listed in our website

Currently, due to limited resources, we can only take in clothes deem trendy and in excellent condition. The Heart Bazaar markets itself as just like any other online fashion store hence we are prudent in what goes up on our online store. This makes shopping at a breeze too.

*NEW* We have opened a THB Marketplace on Shopee SG for quality items that did not make it to our site. To shop, visit here or search for "thbmarketplace" at Shopee.*

Do rest assured the pieces that do not make it on our website or THB Marketplace will not be dispose of, instead it will be donated to other non-profits such as MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) or The Salvation Army. Pieces may also be repurpose or refashion and sold on our site. 

Though you do not get points for pieces that do not make it to our main website, it will benefit other non-profits. Email us at if you wish to learn more about the allocation of donations.

Keen to get your well-dressed friends or colleagues to make a donation together?  We welcome companies initiative for a company-wide donation. Do email us at for details.

** By donating your clothes, you agree that the handling of the clothes will be at The Heart Bazaar's sole discretion. 

* Donor will have to sign up for an account on our website in order to receive and redeem the heart points. 

The heart point system                                                                                                       

The heart point system is created to give our thanks to you who has kindly donated your clothing to The Heart Bazaar. For every article of clothing that make it to our website, the donor will receive* 100 - 500 heart points (approximately $1-$5 store credit). We love to appreciate you more and give more points however as a nonprofit, we cant afford much.  The points are accumulative and donor may redeem it for purchases at The Heart Bazaar website. If you choose to waive off the points, do let us know in the email to us.

* Donor will have to have a member account with us. Register on our website and indicated the email you used to sign up for the account along with the donated apparels. 

NGOs that will benefit from your donation 

To know more about the NGOs we support, click here