About us

The Heart Bazaar is a social startup and functions like an online fashion store expect we sells second-hand clothing and off-season brand new clothing. Proceed* goes into funding non-profits organizations and charity causes.

The Heart Bazaar offers a easy and accessible way to give to charity causes, simply by shopping.

By giving second-hand clothing a second chance, you are doing your part to reduce carbon footprint and supporting sustainable fashion. 

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 Donate your clothes and be rewarded

We welcome donations of trendy, close to perfect condition clothing. To donate in clothes, do email donation@theheartbazaar.com .

To learn more about the donation of clothes, click here


Special thanks to the very talented Kristen Kiong ( Instagram @kristenkiong) for designing the logo at no charge. Follow her instagram to view her amazing work.


* For every clothing sold, 70% goes to a non-profit organization.  30% goes to operating costs such as but not limiting to site maintenance, photo-shoot, laundry cost, packaging cost, marketing etc.