About The Heart Bazaar

The Heart Bazaar is a not-for-profit online clothing store which sells gently worn second-hand clothing and off-season brand new clothing. Proceeds goes into funding charity and social causes. The Heart Bazaar aims to offer an easy and accessible way to do good, simply by shopping. 

My dress can change lives, so can yours.

Shop to fund charities and social causes

At The Heart Bazaar, not only have you given a second chance to a garment, you have also given a second chance to another human or animal. Proceeds from apparels sold at www.theheartbazaar.com will go into helping those in need. 

The Changing Room

 The Heart Bazaar works with influential personalities in "The Changing Room” series where celebrities, well-known personalities  and our favourite role-models donate their clothing for the cause. 

Shop celebrities and wardrobe of inspiring women now. Click on the respective image banner to shop the celebrity's wardrobe. Or click on The Changing Room banner to shop all celebrities' closets.

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